iWound's Advanced Wound Care Mobile Solution


“Transforming How and Where We Heal”

iWound’s VISION is focused on national and international specific health care markets where every patient in need of skin and wound care receives high-quality interprofessional care from qualified health care professionals.   

iWound’s MISSION is dedicated to healing wounds.  Our team comes together under one system, “transforming how where we heal”.

Our iWound-Archangel collaboration delivers a dynamic, mobile, and web-based wound care platform designed to guide clinicians to assess, document, treat, heal and achieve better wound care outcomes.  We provide evidence-based treatment plans, customized formularies and workflows, and the ability to order products for their patients regardless of the patient’s insurance. Our solution is intended to consistently guide and support both the patient and clinician throughout the wound care continuum, ultimately closing gaps of care.  We provide evidence-based treatment plans, clinical rationales to support the billing of products, and the ability to order products using your preferred product formulary (wound, ostomy, urological). Our advanced wound care mobile solution gives licensed healthcare professionals control of the patient encounter with confidence. Clinicians will assess, document, treat, and heal using a systematic comprehensive process that will help improve healing outcomes. 

Improving Quality of Wound Care and Clinical Productivity

Wound care management is already difficult, and documentation must be impeccable to support medical necessity and the billing of advanced wound care products, ostomy, and urological supplies.  iWound’s comprehensive solution can help patients and professionals navigate the patient’s path simpler while closing gaps throughout the wound care continuum.     





iWound's Mobile Solution Features

Clinical rationales for appropriate dressing selection that supports billing reimbursement.

Complies with regulatory, clinical, and product use requirements while supporting delivery cost reduction. 

Built for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals.

Guided clinical workflow to support and provide quality care and follow value-based care. 

Operates on Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android systems. Online and offline modes. 

Compatible with 75+ EHR systems.

Analyze data that tailors to the needs of your facility or organization.

A simplified way to document and order products.

Precise and reliable 3D wound measurement for consistent monitoring.

iWound's Global eLearning Digital Solution


Chronic wounds are a public health crisis that costs our healthcare system billions of dollars each year. The goal of iWound’s Global eLearning Solution is to provide education on important issues and topics in wound care. iWound is committed to making a difference with education for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. 

     The Global eLearning Solution from iWound is a monthly fee digital program with four-level options.  Always up to date, evidence-based wound care, and product information. Wound etiologies, chronic illnesses, nutrition, product information, wound care, skincare, prevention, therapies, and more are all important topics that will be offered. This solution is FREE to patients and caregivers.

    With continual education, iWound is devoted to closing the education gap that will help strengthen the quality of care across the wound care continuum. The Global eLearning Solution from iWound may be accessed at any location worldwide. This digital platform solution provides tools and resources that empower patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in achieving documentation and reimbursement, flourishing at quality payment programs, increasing patient satisfaction, and increasing practice cost-effectiveness.


Clinical Settings

Documentation is used to document patient care across the continuum in all care settings, although not all clinical settings are the same. To avoid gaps in care, the wound care team must communicate consistently. This partnership entails meticulous documentation of treatment modifications and keeping the patient and their care team up to date on the treatment plan. Communication breakdowns can have major consequences: inadequate cooperation is thought to be responsible for 80% of serious medical errors. iWound emphasizes the value of cooperation and encourages wound care clinicians to exercise continuous teamwork and communication while caring for patients.

ASSESS –  3D digital imaging provides a clear picture of the wound and precise measurement. Tracking healing times supports patient monitoring. 

DOCUMENT – Wound care documentation must demonstrate medical necessity.  Utilizing a clean and simple workflow helps reduce documentation time and errors.

TREAT – Using custom-designed templates to order supplies during wound evaluations simplifies the clinical workflow.  

HEAL – Because chronic wounds are so complicated, iWound powered by Archangel adopts an interdisciplinary approach to wound therapy and healing using a mobile advanced wound care solution.     

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