Introducing A Digital Platform
That Revolutionizes Wound Care

Wound Care Digital App Solutions in under 30 Seconds – at the BEDSIDE. The platform…

• simplifies wound tracking and documentation and measures chronic wounds, burns, and skin conditions
• has algorithms for all wounds and symptoms.
• includes wound care education for clinicians.

View our 2 minute demo here and download the Wound Care Digital App today.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.


Traditional wound management relies on subjective visual assessment. It lacks standardization and comprehensive documentation, making evidence-based care decisions difficult.


Our computer vision algorithms and calibration methods allow us to turn the smartphone camera into a wound documentation and measurement tool.


Our service offers consistency in documentation as well as visibility to the wound progression, empowering evidence-based care decisions.

Our wound care product adheres to the highest clinical standards.

The Speed of Wound Trust Solutions in under 30 seconds

How does it work?

Once the wound image is photographed (powered by Tissue Analytics), the app algorithm takes approximately 30 – seconds to reach best practice wound treatments. The recommendations are inter-connected to a 30 – second video on the product selection and application instructions.

The clinician identifies the symptoms, then selects the solution, and determines that the symptoms match the patient’s needs aligned to the product video. That enables quick adoption of best practices to allow clinicians to become very useful in choosing the correct treatment and dismisses guessing at the bedside.

Clinician documentation: stage, location, wound bed, drainage, amount of exudate, margin, periwound, odor, pain, adherent to treatment, etc. Research-based expert advice in less than 30 seconds.

The App has imbedded into it is automatic reassessment software. Rarely does a wound change significantly is less than a week or two.

But when the wound changes by the slightest aspect, there is an art in knowing how to cascade a wound to heal quicker by changing products when required.

The App does that for you entirely. 

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Demanding Disruption At The Bedside

As a real-life, experiential learning tool for RNs, PSWs, long-term care facility operations,
elder care and in-home health care providers, the iWound app is leading the way to establish
an inclusive wound care knowledge movement.

No matter your employment position or location, iWound aims for all medical professionals
to have the same access to reliable wound care resources whenever and wherever.

Right Data – Given to the Right Person- At the Right Time.

Continue Analyzing The Wound


Best Practice Bedside Videos

After completing the three-step diagnostic questionnaire, a best practice tutorial video will appear and instruct viewers how to accurately perform the recommended treatment.

  • Packing a wound properly with debridement agents
  • Decision tree for sharp debridement
  • BEST approach in wound assessment
In-Depth Education Modules

Along with the best practice videos, users are able to dive deeper with Robin to learn more about the wound care treatments they practice every day and treatments they want to master.

  • Studio designed for an ideal learning environment
  • Lessons delivered in easily understood language
  • Adaptable for convenience – computers, mobile, and tablets
Recommended Product Information

Since every hospital, clinic, and medical center vary in supplies and brands, viewers can choose the products that are readily available to them and learn more about their usage and alternates.

  • Dovetails into any preferred vendor model
  • Embraces all manufacturers products and new technologies
  • Product suggestions from evidence based practice

Why you can Trust iWound

With years of education, clinical experience Robin Mossing has seen the need for a hands-on, reliable wound care resource for all medical professionals.

From working in the field to being an educator, the necessity was clear for a new standard of wound care knowledge. With wound care courses being expensive and time-consuming, we ventured to create the iWound app where everyone has easy access to the same level of information.

We created the app for the purpose of putting the power of knowledge into the practitioner’s hands so they can be confident when performing their daily wound care duties.


Better Outcomes

Reduction In Time To Heal

Promise of Technology AT The Bedside

Addressing The Patient Experience = Comfort Utilizing An Innovative Approach