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“Transforming How and Where We Heal™”

iWound’s VISION is focused on national and international specific health care markets where every patient in need of skin and wound care receives high-quality interprofessional care from qualified health care professionals.   

iWound’s MISSION is dedicated to healing wounds.  Our team comes together under one system, “Transforming How and Where We Heal”.

The iWound-Archangel collaboration delivers a dynamic, mobile, and web-based wound care platform designed to guide and support clinicians in assessing, documenting, treating, and healing wounds while putting education first, resulting in better wound care healing outcomes. We provide evidence-based treatment plans, customized formularies and workflows, and the ability to order products for their patients regardless of the patient’s insurance.  We provide evidence-based treatment plans and clinical rationales to support the billing of products, and the ability to order products using your preferred product formulary (wound, ostomy, urological). Our advanced wound care mobile solution gives licensed healthcare professionals control of the patient encounter with confidence.

Clinical Optimization for Complex Wounds

Wound care management for patients with chronic conditions and complex wounds is challenging enough. Documentation for medical necessity and invoicing of advanced wound care products, ostomy, and urological supplies must be precise. The iWound + Archangel comprehensive solution makes it easier for healthcare professionals to navigate through the patient’s trajectory, and it combines education to assist in breaking down barriers in the wound care continuum. 





Advantages of the iWound Solution

A more simplified process with clinical rationales for appropriate dressing selection that supports billing reimbursement.

Patients, families, and the extended care team can be consulted directly via video calling, direct messaging, and screen sharing. HIPAA compliant. 

Built for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals.

Guided clinical workflow to support and chart your course to value-based care. 

Operates on Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android systems. Online and offline modes. 

Digital eLearning with bite-sized education for all learning styles to deliver highly effective learning. 

Analyze data that tailors to the needs of your facility or organization.

Customizable desired workflows to provide your practice more control and maximize time with patients while also improving wound analysis and healing outcomes.

Precise and reliable 3D wound measurement for consistent monitoring.

iWound Digital Micro-eLearning

Micro-eLearning designed for people receiving and delivering care. 

“Transforming How and Where We Educate™”


iWound’s Digital Micro-eLearning platform is moving with the major shift in recent challenging times. Our primary focus is what and how the clinician can learn easily to help make the most impact. iWound’s Digital Micro-eLearning is dedicated to advancing knowledge using a micro-eLearning style that accommodates the learner’s needs. We provide up-to-date and evidence-based content, tools, and resources that will empower patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. 

What are the advantages of micro-eLearning? 

• Provides a more flexible learning environment • Less expensive than traditional courses • Participants can learn at their own pace • Availability of online resources • No disruptions, which allows for better concentration and retention • Easy to keep track of your progress • Access to all courses in one place

We believe in putting the patient first.  iWound Global Digital Micro-eLearning is FREE to patients and caregivers. 


Customized and Personalized Clinical Workflows

The iWound + Archangel collaboration has created an all-in-one, customizable, mobile, and web-based wound care platform that incorporates digital micro-eLearning to assist healthcare professionals in assessing, documenting, treating, healing, and achieving better wound care outcomes by emphasizing education.

Our unique and customized clinical workflows are geared to your health care facility while guiding the user through the wound care continuum emphasizing education first. 

Data collection is important for optimizing clinical pathways, establishing medical necessity, increasing patient satisfaction, and thereby improving continuity of care and optimizing outcomes.

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