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Why Become a Digital Sponsor of iWound?

iWound Digital Sponsors have an unprecedented opportunity to promote their products directly to learners all over the world through education. iWound believes in connecting learners with manufacturers and services worldwide, whether they are providing or receiving care. iWound understands the importance of collaborating with wound industry partners and manufacturers to improve educational opportunities, achieve mutually beneficial and strategic business goals, and provide your company with the opportunity to access a qualified market for your products and services.


Benefits of Sponsorship

Through the iWound Digital Global Micro-eLearning Membership platform, iWound connects your business to a global network of motivated learners, including patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. We are able to fuel some of our most critical initiatives and work together to solve skin and wound challenges for example.  iWound seeks collaboration with like-minded companies and the movers and shakers in the healthcare industry. If you’re excited to partner with us, please contact us today to learn more about our Digital Sponsor opportunities.

Sponsorship Features

iWound Digital Sponsors pay $1500 annually to have the opportunity to educate the world about their products or services. This elevates their business’s and products’ visibility and enriches individuals who provide or receive care. Sponsors have the opportunity to provide product or services literature, educational tools, case studies, images, resources, and links to eCommerce/product sites. They will also receive content creation for (1) blog from an iWound professional content writer. Additionally, there are various other sponsorship opportunities for participation.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Sponsor a Webinar Series
  • Sponsor Educational Resources
  • Sponsor a Podcast Series


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