iMD Health – Canada’s Largest Digital Patient Education Platform

As Canada’s largest digital patient education and engagement platform, iMD Health is a trusted partner in patient education delivering access to thousands of pamphlets, videos and diagrams from over 50 of Canada’s leading health organizations. After forming a strategic partnership with iMD Health, Trust Robin’s content is now available through iMD’s educational software platform allowing users to access video content across Canada. This innovative platform admits doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to deliver engaging and memorable education to their patients.

Providing a digital, interactive and educational experience within the examination/counseling rooms of family physicians, specialists, nurses and pharmacists, iMD provides the latest health information to your patients “At The Point of Care”. With almost 5,000 current users, iMD and Trust Robin are quickly growing within the Pharmacy landscape, expanding beyond the current iMD partnerships with Costco, McKesson and Lovell Drugs into more retail, speciality, and independent pharmacies, reaching your customers at key points.

In addition to the innovative Trust Robin Wound Care app that is directed towards medical professionals, Trust Robin has created product education videos that provide every day consumers with information about which product is best for their need within topic areas covering diaper rashes, burns, cuts/lacerations, acne, breastfeeding, pain management, and more!

If you’re a healthcare practitioner or you manage an RX, OTC or CPG brand you can become involved with our partnership by having your brand(s) featured in our best practice videos and having content and advertising posted on iMD’s networks and the Trust Robin Wound Care app. Learn more about the ways that you can work with iMD Health and Trust Robin by visiting

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