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A trusted partner in patient education delivery

iMD is Canada’s largest digital patient education and engagement platform, with thousands of patient education pamphlets, videos, and diagrams from over 50 of Canada’s leading health organizations. iMD’s innovative platform allows doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to deliver engaging and memorable education to their patients.

With almost 5,000 current users, iMD and TrustRobin are quickly growing within the Pharmacy landscape, expanding beyond the current iMD partnerships with Costco, McKesson and Lovell Drugs into more retail, speciality, and independent pharmacies, reaching your customers at key points!

Our Approach

iMD provides a digital, interactive and educational experience within the examination/counseling rooms of Family Physicians, Specialists, Nurses and Pharmacists, and provide the latest health information to your patients “At The Point of Care”.

Increase patient understanding during pharmacy and clinic visits and during hospital stays through clear visuals.

Ability for HCPs to share information with patients via email for review at home.

Reliable, up-to-date information directly at the patient’s hospital bedside.

In-depth education modules for HCP’s, along with best-practice videos, to dive deeper and master their every day wound care treatments.

On-demand reporting dashboard to measure in-depth metrics on customer and brand activity.


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