Introducing the wound care expert – Robin Mossing

Proud to have dedicated 20 years to a career in healthcare, Robin Mossing is a practical and results-oriented individual that likes to ask himself, “Why not?”, when faced with a challenging situation. His experience as a clinician and success as a home care medical supplies entrepreneur has led him to his current venture, Trust Robin Inc.

The history of Robin Mossing

Robin graduated with his Nursing Diploma in 1997 from Durham College where he was the class valedictorian and received the Durham College Award for Leadership and Participation. Furthermore, Robin was presented the International Lifetime Golden Key Honour Society Award in 2010 which recognizes undergraduate and graduate students for their intellectual achievements. The award and organization represents the belief in the power of knowledge to transform lives and change situations for the better. That same year, Robin founded Best Practice Consultants Incorporated, which is an organization that leverages knowledge to deliver targeted lectures about wound care to healthcare professionals across Canada.

Jump ahead to 2006 where Robin founded Practical Medical Supply Incorporated which is a company that creates an efficient method to obtain long-term products in response to challenges with product accessibility. Robin promoted and explained this new process to healthcare clients across Ontario and was supported by the Ontario Long Term Care Association. Continuing to look for new ways to help better the healthcare industry, Robin founded Wound Outcomes Incorporated in 2008 as an innovative cost containment structure that has been proven to improve bedside knowledge of healthcare practitioners.

Robin’s mission

Throughout his years of experience within medical settings and educator positions, it has become evident to Robin that there is a need for a hands on resource that gives practitioners the confidence to perform their everyday wound care duties to the best of their ability.

This need is what founded Trust Robin Inc. and created Robin’s mission to generate a movement at the bedside that brings the largest audience of caregivers up to an expert level of wound care knowledge without the need for expensive courses or long lectures.

Robin’s passion for education and spirit for invention is what started Trust Robin Inc. and the highly anticipated Trust Robin app for medical professionals. With more than two decades as a wound care expert and over ten years as an educator, Robin Mossing can help you master every wound. Connect with Robin today through Facebook or LinkedIn and learn more about Trust Robin Inc. and the Trust Robin app – coming soon to Google Play and the App Store!

“Every medical professional should have access to current wound care knowledge when and wherever they need it.” – Robin Mossing

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