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Expert wound care knowledge for personal support workers

All wound care practitioners deserve easy access to reliable resources whenever they need it. Knowing the importance and necessity for wound care education among medical professionals, the Trust Robin app was created as a way to share founder, Robin Mossing’s, accumulated wound care knowledge and experience with everyone.


Designed for the use of all bedside wound care attendees and personal support workers and practitioners, the Trust Robin Wound Care app is a precision surgical instrument that dials further into the finer details of wound care. The complete app follows a simple three-step format to diagnose a wound followed by an instructional video of best practice treatments and suggested products. The app allows for easy and precise bedside reassessments during the healing cascade, the opportunity to view educational video modules, and also includes ongoing updates to grow your knowledge and master skills.

In-Depth Education Modules

The Trust Robin Wound Care app for personal support workers allows users to dive deep and learn more about the wound care treatments they practice every day and treatments they want to master.

  • Easy to follow lessons with studio designed videos
  • Easy to understand lessons by wound care expert
  • Made for use with desktop, mobile, and tablets
Expert Wound Care Educational Modules
Bedside Best Practice Image

Best Practice Bedside Videos

After completing the three-step diagnostic questionnaire, a best practice tutorial video will appear and instruct viewers how to accurately perform the recommended treatment.

  • Packing a wound properly
  • Decision tree for sharp debridement
  • BEST approaches in wound assessment
Product Information Example Image

Recommended Product Information

Hospitals, clinics and medical centers all vary in the supplies and brands they carry. With this in mind the Trust Robin Wound Care App provides a number of options in their recommended products allowing personal support care workers to choose a product that’s readily available to them.

  • Can fit into any vendor model
  • Adopts all products and technologies
  • Product recommendations based on common practice

How we’ve helped

“I have known Robin for about 10 years. As an advanced practice wound clinician you can trust Robin to provide you with evidence based practice information. He can guide you through the most basic wound management principles and help answer questions about your most complex clinical challenges.”

Dr. Phil Narini, Plastic Surgeon, Greater Toronto Area

“Robin is very passionate about wound management and teaching others how to provide safe, effective wound care. He takes time to explain each step, is able to answer questions to ensure the entire team understands and explains the rationale for each product used in the treatment plan.”

Brie Munshaw RPN, CDE , Associate Nurse Manager

“We need to clone Robin.”

Heather Colyer, Healthcare Administrative Executive

“I have worked with Robin for years. He visited our facility every 6 weeks and we completed rounds together to assess wound issues with various residents. He would take the time to teach me about new products with thorough instructions of how to use them and answered all my questions. He is very approachable, patient, and I never had an issue asking him about anything related to wound care.”

Eva Zak, RN

“Robin has a great way of teaching and making it easy to understand, whether you are inexperienced or have a good knowledge. I like the way he demonstrates and is hands on. His is always focused on what is the best healing method for the client.”

Cindy Sutch-Harbridge, Long Term Care Management

“Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with me. You showed me great example of punctuality, accountability and skills.”

Alex Kotlyar, RN, Wound Lead

“I have worked clinically alongside of Robin for years.  It is obvious that he uses Best Practice evidence based research when assessing and treating wound.  If Robin is behind this, I want this in my facility.”

Hana Dabbaghi, RN, LTC Management




Trust Robin partnership with iMD Health Global Corporation

Trust Robin has partnered with iMD Health Global Corporation to enhance patient education!

Using iMD’s cloud-based patient education platform, Trust Robin’s patient directed video content is now available for healthcare professional to help bring their patient sessions to life.